Recommended Travel Hair Straighteners

We know you can’t live without them so we have trawled the web to find the best travel hair straighteners available to make sure even when you are away from home you can have straight hair.

BaByliss 2085U Pro 230 Travel Hair Straightener

Travel hair straighteners are convenient appliances to carry along with you on a long trip or even when you have to leave home in a hurry. However, a lot of travel straighteners do not offer a lot of features and do not always give you that perfect look which you want. The 2085U Pro 230 Straightener from BaByliss however, offers you the convenience of a travel straightener along with a number of other features.

These travel hair straighteners are fitted with advanced ceramic plates that take only 30 seconds to heat. These heating temperatures can be controlled by 10 settings provided and are fixed between temperatures of 150 degrees and 230 degrees Celsius. The appliance also maintains a high temperature throughout the straightening process, giving your hair a salon finish.

These travel hair straighteners come with Tourmaline-ceramic plates that ensure a brilliant shine to the hair. The plates are 25% longer than normal plates, making the straightening process faster and more thorough. Now, you can get poker straight hair within minutes. And for easy transport and storage of this straightener, a travel mat is provided. The travel mat lets you rest the appliance is your car or on a table without worrying about any damage to the furniture.

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ghd IV Travel Styler with Travel Pouch

Travel hair straighteners have become almost a necessity for women and girls who want perfect hair all the time. The GHD IV Styler not only gives you a small, compact hair straightener to carry around but along with that provides you with a number of features that will make sure that you have wonderful hair all year round.

These travel straighteners have ceramic plates that prevent your hair from getting damaged and give it a great shine. The latest feature to this straightener is the rounder barrel which not only lets you have poker straight hair but also lets you curl it with ease and try out flicks, waves and other hair styles. Besides this, the GHD IV Styler comes with an on/off switch and a sleep mode that automatically switches off the appliance if it has not been used for 30 minutes.

The travel straighteners also have a shiver mode that shuts down the device during very cold temperatures, prevent damage to it. The floating plates ensure equal pressure distribution while the swivel cord makes sure that the cord of the straightener doesn’t get twisted. And with the Universal Voltage aspect of the appliance lets you use the GHD IV Styler anywhere in the world.

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Get Set… Go Travel Hair Straightener

Travel hair straighteners are necessary for any modern day woman who never forgets to leave the house without styling her hair so that it looks perfect. A straightener not only works as a quick fix for frizzy and unmanageable hair but also helps in giving a bounce and shine to dull hair. You can experiment with a number of different hair styles like curls, fringes and waves in minutes and choose what suits you best. And for those who like to straighten their hair everyday, a trip is always a disaster for their hair. That is why the Get Set… Go Travel Hair Straightener is perfect for anyone on the go.

These travel hair straighteners have shorter handles than normal straighteners. The streamline design allows you to carry it around easily without having to compromise on any of your other luggage. The ceramic plates give your hair a great shine and style. The appliance gets heated up to 140 degrees Celsius for quick and easy straightening. Its power consumption is about 120-230V. No longer do you need to suffer with hair which you don’t like. With the ‘Get Set… Go Travel Hair Straightener’ you can have your favourite hair styles anywhere in the world!

John Lewis Mini Hair Dryer and Straightener Travel Set

Travel hair straighteners are an ideal tool for any woman who likes to travel and have great hair at the same time. But to get the optimum performance out of your straightener, drying your hair with a hair dryer is suggested. That is why the John Lewis Mini Hair Dryer and Straightener Travel Set is the dream travel kit for anyone who wants perfect hair all the time.

The travel hair straighteners from John Lewis have ceramic plates that protect your hair from damage and give it a long lasting shine. The straightener can be heated up to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius very quickly, allowing you to straighten your hair within minutes. The appliance is multi-voltage, making it possible to use the straightener wherever you go. It also features an on and off switch along with a LED indicator, making it very user-friendly.

These travel straighteners come with a mini hair dryer that has a folding handle. This airflow dryer, like the straightener, is dual voltage and has a heat/speed setting. The Mini Hair Dryer and Straightener Travel Set comes in a startling neon pink finish along with a heat mat and storage pouch and has a 3 year guarantee.

Fudge Cordless Straightening Irons

Travel hair straighteners are ideal to carry with you when you go out on a holiday, a special event that’s a distance away or even at home if you don’t like the wires getting in your way. The Cordless Straightening Iron by Fudge is a light tool that can be easily charged and carried with you wherever you go.

These travel hair straighteners have Ceramic and Tourmaline plates that take only 60 seconds to heat up to 200 degrees. Use the straightener on straight, wavy or curly hair and watch as your hair gets transformed into frizz-free, easy-to-manage, soft and shiny hair. The straightening iron doesn’t only stop at just straightening. It can be used to create artificial curls, flicks and waves in your hair, allowing you to choose a hairstyle that best suits you.

The travel hair straighteners from Fudge come with UK, UE and US based adapters that allow you to plug the charger in to charge anywhere. This 12V charger can also be plugged into your car so you no longer need to worry about having to charge the straightener before you leave for a trip. The Fudge Cordless Straightening Iron comes in a size of 2.5 x 8cm and has a 60 usage time after every battery charge.

ghd Pink Limited Edition Mark 4 Styler

Travel hair straighteners are a must have for any women who likes have good looking hair all the time. And for anyone who wants to go that extra mile and have great hair, world-renowned makers GHD have come out with the Pink Limited Edition 2010 Mark 4 Styler Straightener. GHD stylers already have a huge following everywhere and they ensure you the best possible quality in whatever product they sell to you.

The travel hair straighteners are mark 4 GHD stylers that come packed with a number of features. The new rounder barrel allows you to not only straighten you hair but also experiment with curls, waves, flicks and a number of other hairstyles. The limited edition straightener comes with a universal voltage plug that lets you use it wherever you go. It also has a sleep mode which automatically switches off the appliance if it not used for 30 minutes. And the ceramic heaters make sure that you have shiny hair without any frizz. Besides this, it also feature a shiver mode, an on and off button as well as a swivel cord attachment.

These travel hair straighteners come in the colour of the season – pink. And to let you show it off more, a stylish pink pouch and a compact mirror are provided with the styler.

BaByliss 2525U Pro Straight 220 Travel Hair Straightener

Travel hair straighteners are needed by any woman who is on the go and still wants to look perfect all the time. These straighteners not only work on long hair but can be used to style short and mid-length hair as well. It is important to choose your hair straightener carefully to avoid damage to your hair as well as your appliance. A well-made, easy-to-use straightener is what you need to make sure your hair does not suffer any damage. The 2525U Pro Straight 220 Hair Straightener from BaByliss is the perfect tool for the job.

These travel hair straighteners give you salon looking hair in the comfort of your home. The appliance heats up to a salon temperature performance of 220 degrees Celsius in a matter of 15 seconds which allows you to save time and straighten your hair quickly. The triple layer Ceramic plates provided keep your hair safe and burn-free, giving you great results. And the thermo shine feature ensures that you have silky looking hair anywhere you go.

The travel hair straighteners come with a multi voltage plug which lets you use the appliances anywhere you want. A three year guarantee is also provided from BaByliss.

In-Car Travel Hair Straighteners with Ceramic Plates

Travel hair straighteners are handy appliances to carry around anywhere you go. Most women need to straighten their hair very often to maintain it and keep it smooth and shiny. This makes outdoor trips and long journeys a hassle. All these fears are put to rest by the In-Car Hair Straighteners. These appliances, from Streetwise are a very practical option for any woman to carry around when she is out.

These travel hair straighteners come with ceramic plates. These plates give protection to your hair and prevent it from burning. The straightener features a 12V plug that allows you to heat it up even in a car. This is a major advantage, letting you get ready and get rid of the frizziness before stepping out of the car. The straightener takes only a few minutes to heat, giving you quick service on the go.

Travel hair straighteners are practical gadgets to keep with you, acting as a quick fix at anytime. They give you a salon style look and let you experiment with flicks and waves depending on your mood. Easy to travel around with, the In-car straightener comes at a very low price making it affordable to all.

At £9.99 these in-car hair straighteners are a real bargain not to be missed!

BaByliss 2581BU Pro Cordless Travel Hair Straighteners

Travel hair straighteners are small, compact straighteners that allow you to travel where you want without having to worry about making your hair messy. These straighteners answer the prayers of any woman who wants to look good wherever she is. And if you are the type of woman who happens to go out a lot and needs a quick fix to make you look great, the 2581BU Pro Cordless Straightener from BaByliss is perfect for you.

These travel hair straighteners are light and small, making it easy to put into your hand bag and carry with you. The straightener features ceramic coated plates that make your hair smooth and shiny while protecting it. The appliance heats up to 215 degrees very quickly to give you perfect heating for your hair which makes your hair get a salon-styled look in minutes. And the best part about this appliance is that it is completely cordless and doesn’t need to be heated by an electrical power supply. The 2581BU Pro Cordless Straightener has a portable gas energy cell that makes the straightener heat up right in front of your eyes. So you no longer need to look for a power socket and you can enjoy a great weekend outdoors with the perfect hair.

BaByliss 2856AU Pro 200 Nano Pink Hair Straighteners

Travel hair straighteners come in different sizes and shapes. But the ideal travel straightener is one that is small enough to fit into a purse that you can carry around wherever you go. That’s why the 2856AU Pro 200 Nano Straightener from BaByliss is the perfect tool for you. Combining style with great performance, this straightener comes in a cute pink colour that will make you want to show it off to all your friends.

Travel hair straighteners sometimes have a disadvantage of not providing enough power. However, the 2856AU Pro 200 Nano Straightener heats up to 200 degrees in a couple of seconds, making it powerful and perfect for beautifully styled hair. This makes it very convenient when you are in a hurry to get the perfect hairstyle. The half inch ceramic plates are only 15 cm long and may seem small but they can style your hair perfectly in moments. You can now experiment with flicks, waves, curls and anything else you want, wherever you are, thanks to BaByliss.

These travel hair straighteners come with a universal plug. This makes it easy to operate anywhere. And to make things easy, a 3 year guarantee is provided along with the model.

Lloytron H163 Ceramic Travel Hair Straighteners

Travel hair straighteners are ideal for all women who don’t like their natural hair and feel like they need a change all the time. A straightener lets you change the way you look in minutes. Not only does it straighten out hair and make it smooth and shiny but it also allows people with dull hair to make their hair look bouncy and add some flicks and waves. The H163 Ceramic Travel Hair Straightener is a travel straightener manufactured by Lloytron that gives you style along with a great performance. And with a length of only 11cm, you can carry it with you wherever you go.

These travel hair straighteners come with solid ceramic plates. These plates ensure that your hair is kept safe from damage and doesn’t burn due to the heat. The universal voltage allows you to travel freely with this product as it works anywhere without any hassles. And to make things easier for you, the H163 Ceramic Travel Hair Straightener comes with 2 plug adaptors that can be used anywhere in Europe, North America and Australia.

Travel hair straighteners from Lloytron offer you excellent quality at a reasonable price. So now all you need is a few minutes to get that perfect hair.

Carmen Travel Straightener & Dryer Pack

This pack is ideal for those looking for a travel hair dry and some travel hair straighteners.

The pair of hair straighteners from Carmen comes with 2200W of power to ensure you get the hair style you want each and every time.
The design stops the build up of static electricity which can be a problem with some straighteners. The hair dryer has four heat settings and two speed settings including the cold shot buttons which freezes in the style after your hair is dry. hair.

This pack comes with one dryer and one straightener, both of which are perfect for your travels!

Sassoon Slide and Straight VS080UK Straighteners

This pair of travel hair straighteners has a folding, lockable handle that allows it to be stored easier than your average set making it perfect for overnight stays.

The retractable ceramic plates provide a reliable source of heat that give a professional touch to your hair.

They come with a handy travel pouch and a 2.8 metre cord for your convenience.

Atom Travel Hair Straighteners

This pair of mini travel hair straighteners have tourmaline ceramic plates which generate more heat that standard hair straightening irons to give you straight hair in record breaking time!

The Atomic hair straighteners are very portable measuring a mere 15 cm in length making them perfect for travel or just carrying in your handbag (or man bag!) for overnight stays.

With a 1.4 metre cable and a start-up time of 30 seconds these travel hair straighteners meet the requirements of even the most demanding of users!

Morphy Richards Rechargeable Travel Hair Straightener

This is a rechargeable battery operated travel hair straightener from Morphy Richards.

After an eight hour charge you will get 30 minutes of use from this straightener which is more than enough for a few sessions.

If it is not recharged it can be plugged into the mains and runs off that.

Its small size of 12 cm makes it truly portable and ideal for taking on your travels!

12V Car Travel Hair Straighteners

This pair of travel hair straighteners are rather unique in that they can run off the cigarette lighter socket in a car.

Due to this they are ideal for those who are on the move a lot and especially those who enjoy camping or caravaning and are a must for all festival goers!

These hair straighteners are only 12 volts but that does not mean they aren’t powerful – they can quickly reach high temperatures that mean your high can be quickly straightened.

This pair is pink and feature a small bug logo on them.

If you prefer to have a pair of hair straighteners when you are on the road this pair is for you!

Corioliss Mini Compact White Ceramic Hair Straightener

If you are after some very small and portable travel hair straighteners then these are for you.

But don’t let their tiny 15cm length deceive you – these straighteners still pack a punch with a maximum temperature of 210 degrees.

If you are using these on the go their 10 second heat up time will allow you to get your hair straightened as quickly as possible.

Being probably the smallest set of hair straighteners on the market as well as their affordable price these are a great buy for anyone looking for a set of travel hair straighteners.

Design Go Travel Hair Straighteners

Lovely pair of travel hair straighteners here.

They have a compact stylish design making them perfect for taking on any holiday or for use away from home.

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Professional Mini Hair Straighteners – Micro Hair Straightener

This is one of the smaller travel hair straighteners on the market.

It is ideal for taking on your travels as it only 15cm long.

An even better feature is that it reaches full heat in a matter of seconds meaning you don’t have to wait around to get your hair looking perfect!

This hair straightener has professional standard tourmaline ceramic plates that generate six times more negative ions than regular irons.

This is a good all-rounder and is suitable for all hair types.

What makes a good pair of Travel Hair Straighteners?

If you are looking to get a travel hair straightener it is important that it meets your needs to ensure you are getting the right one.

Here are some popular features to look out for and why you might want them:

What is the size of the straightener? Are they small enough to carry with you and fit in your back.  Look for hair straighteners with mini or travel in their title.  This indicates that they are suitable to be taken with you whilst you are on the move.

What is the voltage of the hair straightener? As different countries use different voltages for their electricity and it is highly likely you will be using your travel hair straighteners in more than the country you bought them in it is good to make sure any hair straighteners you look at have dual voltage.  It is important to remember that different countries have different plug sockets.  Does your travel hair straightener come with a plug adaptor?

How long do they take to heat up? If you are traveling and are on the move you might not have much time to straighten your hair or  you might only have limited access to electricity or a power point.  Having a travel hair straightener that heats up quickly means you can use them when you only have a small amount of time or limited access to power.

Are the hair straighteners cordless?

How long is the cord of the travel hair straightener?

Are the hair straighteners rechargeable?

Do they come with a travel case?

Rechargeable Travel Hair Straighteners by Zero

This pair of travel hair straighteners feature a very convenient compact, collapsible design.

To make these truly portable they can be re-charged in eight hours and will run for 45 minutes between charges which is more than enough for a week’s worth of hair straightening.

They are cordless making them truly portable and come with a handy carry pouch and the necessary charging leads including a Euro power adaptor.

The ceramic plates run at 190c and for safety the hair straighteners turn off when it detects the plates have been retracted.

This a really good set of travel hair straighteners that have all the features you need to straighten your hair away from home.